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NT75N Time & Attendance Recorder
(-33.33%)  120.00
Top Quality NT75N Time Recorder 

The NT75N Time Recorder is feature-rich and has been designed for smaller businesses. The NT75N clocking in machine is Ideal for companies that require a simple and reliable clocking machine to help keep track of employees hours worked.
Simple plug and play setup and installation.

Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly clocking cards and 1 x R7082PF 25 slot card holder 
Arca Mobile Device Charge Locker
The new Arca coin-operated "Charge Locker" fast charging secure lockers for mobile phones, vapes and other mobile devices.

Why not offer your customers a unique service to allow them to charge their mobile devices while on your premises.

Ideal for pubs, clubs, restaurants & gyms with a low monthly rental cost, free installation and best of all you keep the additional revenue, the  charge locker should not only pay for itself but actually make a  profit..

For further information contact:-
Needtek TM-920 Staff Clocking Machine
(-10.45%)  197.00
Great Price

The Needtek TM-920 is a superb quality clocking In machine with a large time display for easy viewing
ready to use straight from the box with plug and play setup, and also offers 2 colour print to highlight late clockings.

Free TM920 Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly attendance cards and  1 x R7082PF 25 slot card holder.
Seiko QR395 Calculating Clocking In Machine
(-2.04%)  240.00
The Seiko QR395 Totals The Time for you!

The high featured Seiko QR-395 calculating clocking machine was developed to ease payroll preparation. The QR-395 will give a running total of employees daily and pay period hours, all on one card.

Free Starter Pack: 100 x CQR375 time cards and a 25 slot RCR20M card rack.

ETR-75 Electronic Time Recorder
ETR-75 Staff Clocking In Machine

The ETR75 Electronic clocking machine is all you need to start and save your business both Time & Money! 
Simple plug-in and the machine will automatically set its self up, ready to use straight from the box ..

Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly time cards and 1 x R7082PF card rack.

Computime Attendance Badge
Computime Magstripe Attendance Badge 
For use with Computime Multitec Attendance Terminals.
Badge size: 85mm(W) x 54mm(H)

RFID Proximity Attendance Key Fob
RFID Proximity Attendance Key Fob

For use with Timevision, Protime & Infinity time and attendance systems.
Proximity Attendance Card
RFID Proximity Attendance Cards

For use with Timevision, Protime and Infinity Systems
TimeVision<br />Face Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System
Time Vision. The cost effective solution to time management, with easily installed clocking terminals and an instantly usable software interface.

System includes : Facescan clocking terminal, Time Vision software, 30 days helpdesk assistance.

TimeVision <br /> Smartcard Proximity Terminal<br />Time & Attendance System
TimeVision Clocking In System, The best PC linked solution for staff time management at the best possible price, with simple to install smartcard proximity clocking terminal and user-friendly time & attendance software, TimeVision is the ideal time and attendance system for small to medium-sized businesses.

System includes: RFID smartcard clocking terminal, TimeVision software, attendance cards or keyfobs, 30 days helpdesk support

TimeVision <br />Fingerprint Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System
TimeVision. The cost effective time management solution, with easily installed fingerprint bio-metric clocking terminal and an instantly usable time and attendance software.

System includes : Fingerscan clocking terminal, TimeVision software, 30 days helpdesk assistance.

TimeVision <br /> Hand Scan<br />Time & Attendance System
Time Vision. The cost effective solution to time management, with easily installed hand recognition clocking terminal and an instantly usable software interface.

System includes : Handscan clocking terminal, Time Vision software, 30 days helpdesk assistance.

Auto Bell Timer
(-17.65%)  140.00
Programmable Automatic Bell Timer Unit

The Automatic Bell Timer Unit is a fully programmable 7 day time controller that can be linked to any 230v AC bells or sounders for bell ringing or siren sounding applications including, factory break time signalling, school class change bells, the timer also includes a manual switch that can be used to permanently activate the sounders to highlight a school lock-down alert.
Simple setup and operation.

Special Offer Price (Limited Time Only)

Viso10 LCD Calendar Clock
(-13.33%)  39.00

The Viso -10 LCD Calendar Clock
The Viso-10 is ideal for the office or home use, the clock is radio controlled for simple automatic setup and accuracy.
Powered by 2 x AA batteries.
Displays time, day, date, month and year.

Large LED Display Clock
(-14.08%)  61.00


The BD-4000 Large LED Display Clock
Designed to complement any office or industrial environment with its large clear high visibility red LED digits and high visibility matt finish
The clock is simple to setup with its full function remote control and it can be set to display time, date and internal room temperature.


Electronic Signal Unit - Danfoss 841 ESU
(-6.69%)  279.00
                                                                    Danfoss 841 Programmable Automatic Bell Timer with Lockable Keypad

The Danfoss Randall 841 automatic break time sounder controller capable of up to 200 sounder times over a 7 day period.
The ESU time controller produces either pulsed and continuous 230v AC output for bell ringing or siren sounding applications.
Commonly used for siren-sounding applications, i.e school class change bell-ringing or for signalling break and shift changes in factories.

Danfoss Randall 842 Two Channel Timer -  ESU2
                                                                         Danfoss Randall 842 / Two Zone Programmable School or Factory Bell Timer

Danfoss Randall 842 two-channel electronic signal unit ..
Ideal for multi-zone sounder applications e.g. bell in the office and siren in the factory, both zones can be programmed independently.
6'' Electronic Bell BELL6240
Conventional 230v AC mains bell to alert staff of start, finish and tea break times etc.
(For Internal Use)
 6'' Weatherproof Bell BELL6240WP
Weatherproof bell ideal for outdoor use and harsh environments.
Ideal for industrial application and schools
( For Outdoor Use )
Klaxon Multitone Electronic Sounder MULTITONE
(-12.50%)  63.00
A Klaxon low profile multi-tone sounder for break time signalling complete with adjustable tone & pitch, internal volume control fitted as standard, a versatile sounder with loads of uses.
Klaxon Sono multitone sounder

High Output (IP65 Rated) Siren IPSIREN
The Klaxon IP65 Rated, High Output Siren can be used both indoor and outdoor environments thanks to its robust weatherproof design. This allows it to be used for a wide range of uses including fire alarms, general safety warnings, security and more.
Klaxon Electronic Sounder & Beacon NEXUS
Klaxon Nexus Sounder and Beacon, Amber Xenon, 110 V ac, 230 V ac

Klaxon Minimite Siren (Mono P)
High output motor driven siren ideal for most industrial and security sounder applications, Ideal for noisy work environments.
Klaxon Mini Mono P Siren
<span style="color:red;">Protime</span><br />Face Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System
ProTime Time & Attendance System, designed as a continuation from the TimeVision system and keeping with the same award-winning concept that made it undoubtedly the most popular mid level plug and play clocking on system available. The system utilises the new biometric face recognition technology with integrated smartcard facility.

System includes : Facescan and RFID clocking terminal, Time Vision plus software, 30 days helpdesk support & assistance.

<span style="color:red;">Protime</span><br /> Proximity Card Reader<br />Time & Attendance System
The ProTime time & attendance system is the natural progression to the popular TimeVision system and keeping with the same user-friendly concept with an array of new additional features that made it undoubtedly one of the most popular and flexible PC linked time and attendance systems on the market. 

System includes : Proximity smartcard clocking terminal, Timevision Plus software, Attendance cards or key fobs, 30 days helpdesk support and assistance.

<span style="color:red;">Protime</span><br />Fingerprint Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System
The ProTime Fingerprint Time Management System is a well-proven system that has been designed to meet the requirement of most UK businesses, the advanced fingerprint attendance terminal ensures that employees don't clock in for each other and eliminates the possibility of "buddy clocking"

The system comprises: Fingerprint attendance clocking terminal, Timevision plus software, 30 days helpdesk assistance & support
<span style="color:red;">Protime</span><br />Hand Scan<br />Time & Attendance System
ProTime Handscan Attendance System. the natural progression from the top-selling TimeVision system but now with even more features and functionality that makes Protime the best value for money plug and play Time & Attendance Systems available.

System includes : Handscan attendance terminal, Timevision Plus software, 30 days telephone set up support & assistance.
Infinity Premium Workforce Management System
Infinity Premium Workforce Management System is the ultimate workforce management system, specifically designed to handle
the day to day tasks associated with looking after a larger workforce and dealing with complex timekeeping issues, absence control, personnel information, payroll processing, health and safety compliance and much more, this can all be done with the powerful Infinity Workforce Management System.

 NT-20A Job Timer and Document Stamp
(-12.86%)  183.00

The NT-20A is a robust electronic Time & Date Stamp / Job Timer and is ideal for keeping track of the time spent on a job or time and date stamping of important documents. The NT-20A electronic time stamp and numerator machine accurately records time, date, and numeration.
 The print format is user definable with over 30 combinations available.   

Needtek TS-350 Heavy Duty Time & Date Stamp
The Needtek TS-350 heavy duty time and date stamp is the ideal choice for businesses that require a time, date and/or number stamping on documents, recommended for garages and businesses that require a heavy duty time stamp.