Break Time Sounder Systems

Do you need to upgrade or replace an old School Bell System or install a Factory Break Time Sounder System? If so, look no further than UK Time Solutions!

We have a wide selection of programmable timer units and bells and sounder that are ideal for various industries, including schools and factories. A bell system is often used as a time idicator, so in a factory, it will be used alongside the time and attendance system, alerting employees to shift start, tea break times, lunchtime and shift end time etc.

Here at UK Time Solutions, we have a wide range for you to choose from when it comes to school bell ringing or factory break time sounder systems. The timer units are fully programmable and used to regulate class changes and break times. Any bell system from UK Time Solutions, is priced affordably, ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

The simple installation of a school bell will allow schools to operate accordingly to time. The school bell can sound for several reasons,including break times, class changes, fire alarms and emergency lock down signalling. The bell system is a reliable method for schools and other industries because itís scheduled and precise.

If you need to update your existing factory or school bell ringing requirements, UK Time Solutions have a solution for you, Simply call us on 0191 4144241!

Auto Bell Timer
£ 170.00
(-17.65%) £ 140.00
Programmable Automatic Bell Timer

The Automatic Bell Timer Unit is a fully programmable 7 day time switch that can be linked to any 230v AC sounders for bell ringing or siren sounding applications including, factory break time signalling, school class change bells with manual school lock down switch.
Simple installation and setup.

Special Offer Price (Limited Time)

Electronic Signal Unit - Danfoss 841 ESU
£ 229.00
                                                                    Programmable Automatic Bell Timer with Lockable Keypad

Danfoss Randall 841 automatic break time sounder controller capable of up to 200 sounder times over a 7 day period. The ESU time controller produces either pulsed and continuous 230v AC output for bell ringing or siren sounding applications.
Ideal for schools and industrial break time sounder applications.

Danfoss 842 Two Channel Timer -  ESU2
£ 390.00
                                                                         Two Zone Programmable Bell Timer

Danfoss Randall 842 two channel electronic signal unit..
Ideal for multi zone sounder applications e.g. bell in the office and siren in the factory, both zones can be programmed independently.
6'' Electronic Bell BELL6240
£ 42.00
Conventional bell to alert staff of start, finish and tea break times etc.
 6'' Weatherproof Bell BELL6240WP
£ 48.00
Weatherproof bell ideal for outdoor use and harsh enviroments.
Klaxon Multitone Electronic Sounder MULTITONE
£ 69.00
An ultra low profile sounder for break time applications complete with variable tone & pitch, volume control fitted as standard.
Klaxon Sono multitone sounder
High Output (IP65 Rated) Siren IPSIREN
£ 169.00
The IP65 Rated High Output Siren can be used both outdoors and indoors thanks to its weatherproof design. This means it can be used for fire alarms, general safety warnings, security and more.
Klaxon Electronic Sounder & Beacon NEXUS
£ 169.00
Klaxon Nexus Sounder and Beacon, Amber Xenon, 110 V ac, 230 V ac

Klaxon Minimite Siren MINIMITE
£ 72.00
High output siren ideal for most industrial sounder applications.
Klaxon Mini Mono P Siren