Clocking In Machines


Our range of  quality time and attendance products starts with traditional clocking in machines and time recorders the employee simply uses a cardboard clocking card that is inserted into the clocking in machines when they arrive and leave work. A clear and accurate time and date is stamped on the clocking card. At the end of the pay period you can manually calculate the attendance hours for payroll.  

We Also have an advanced calculating clocking in machines that even totals up the hours worked for you and prints the daily and running pay period totals on the clock card each time itís clocked.

Most of our clocking in machines also offer additional features such as fully automatic in and out clocking location, to prevent over printing, and the ability to highlight late clocking in red print. An internal signal chime and an output to ring an external sounder to signify start, stop and break times is also available on most models.


NT75N Electronic Clocking In Machine
£ 157.00
(-12.74%) £ 137.00
Special Offer

The NT75N is our best selling feature rich clocking in machine. The NT75N is Ideal for all businesses that require a simple and reliable clocking machine to help keep track of employees hours worked.
Simple plug and play installation.

Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly time cards and 1 x R7082PF 25 slot card rack.  
ETR-60 Electronic Clocking In Machine
£ 137.00
(-36.50%) £ 87.00
Fantastic Value

The ETR-60 is brand new to market. This cost effective clocking in machine is perfect for any business that wants to keep track of the hours worked and save both time and money..
Simple plug and play set up.
Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly time cards and 1 x R7082PF 25 slot time card rack. 

Needtek TM-920 Clocking In Machine
£ 220.00
(-15.00%) £ 187.00
Great Price

The Needtek TM-920 is a superb quality clocking In machine with a large time display for easy viewing and very simple
plug and play set up, also offers 2 colour print to highlight late clockings.

Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly time cards and  1 x R7082PF 25 slot card rack.
Seiko QR395 Calculating Clocking In Machine
£ 245.00
(-7.35%) £ 227.00
The Seiko QR395 Totals The Time

The high featured Seiko QR-395 calculating clocking machine was developed to ease payroll preparation. The QR-395 will give a running total of employees daily and pay period hours, all on one card.

Free Starter Pack: 100 x CQR375 time cards and a 25 slot RCR20M card rack.

ETR-75 Electronic Clocking In Machine
£ 125.00
(-14.40%) £ 107.00
New For 2017

The ETR75 Electronic Time Recorder is all you need to start and save your business both Time & Money! 
Simple plug and play setup, ready to use straight from the box..

Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly time cards and 1 x R7082PF card rack.