Electronic Signal Unit - Danfoss 841 ESU

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Electronic Signal Unit - Danfoss 841 ESU
The Danfoss Randall 841 break time sounder controller can produce up to 200 sound activation times over a weekly period.
The Randall 841 time controller offers both pulsed and continuous 230v AC output for all break time / class change applications 

Features Include:
  • Programmable break time sounder controller capable of up to 200 ring times spread over a 7 day period, with each day being set up individually.
  • The Danfoss 841 time controller has both pulsed and continuous mains 230v AC output and is commonly used for school bell ringing and siren sounding applications.
  • Programming is done from the units external keypad with audible feedback.
  • For security purposes, the unit has a keypad lock to ensure it can't be tampered with, only authorised people can change the time, re-programme the unit or extend the ring time duration with the use of the removable key.
  • The unit features programmable sound duration ( 1 to 60 seconds) and pulse type, continuous or intermittent. 
  • The MANUAL position of the rocker switch provides a continuous ON but only while the switch is held down.
  • Cabled with a 1.5mm twin and earth mains cable.

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