Fingerprint Door Locks

We supply a wide range of fingerprint door locks, the biometric finger scan door locks can be used in Homes, Offices, Stores, Labs, Banks and Hotels. You just need to simply put your finger on the scanning window; the biometric fingerprint recognition system will automatically scan,match and verify the fingerprint data. If matching is successful, the electronic controlled lock will be unlocked. All our range of locks are stand-alone devices with their own internal power source. They require no external power source or wiring.

Fitting our locks is straightforward and is no different to fitting a traditional mortise lock. All Fingerprint locks comecomplete with fitting and operating instructions along with drilling templates.It is possible to fit our locks yourself if you are competent at DIY. However for best results we recommend you employ the services of a locksmith or carpenter. When ordering a lock you must satisfy yourself that the biometric lock configuration is correct and that the door is suitable to house the lock. 
L7000 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with Optional PIN Code Entry

Go keyless with the ZK L7000 new reversible fingerprint door lock.
L100II Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock
Go keyless with a Anviz L100II fingerprint door lock.

ML10D Biometric Fingerprint Reader Door Lock
 Go keyless with an ML10D biometric fingerprint door lock.