Infinity Premium System

UK Time Solutions supply the Infinity Premium system to suit the needs and requirements of various businesses and industries, feel free to discover something suitable for your business here!

The Infinity Premium offers reliable time and attendance management, enabling you to carefully monitor the punctuality of your workforce. Our effective and reliable time management systems are designed to offer maximum functionality, allowing you to transfer the data from the system straight to the payroll system.

Here at UK Time Solutions, we provide our customers with the best value for money, so you needn’t worry about finding a clocking system that speeds up the process of the payroll, but one that can also save you money! The Infinity Premium systems can work out employee’s hours and calculate overtime hours effectively to ensure that employees are paid accordingly to the hours they worked.

In terms of accounting for employees, the Infinity time and attendance system is a fair addition to make to any business, providing greater convenience. Our time and attendance system allows you to record time efficiently and monitor who’s on time, who’s late and who’s absent.

Don’t miss out on our secure time and attendance system- choose the Infinity Premium system today!

Infinity Premium Workforce Management System
Infinity works in Real Time to allow you to see who’s in now, who should be working, who’s late, if the correct amount of hours been worked, and if all overtime been authorized?