Job Timers / Time & Date Document Stamps

We supply a wide range of job timer and document time & date stamp machines suitable for every application and budget.

Time and date stamp machines are one of the most flexible form of time recorder and have been designed to cater for all business requirement from simple time and date stamping of important time sensitive documents to recording the time a mechanic has spent on a job, weather the machine is used for job timing, job costing, time recording, time and date stamping or consecutive numbering of documents the machine is flexible enough to handle most requirements.

The many uses for the Job timers and document stamps make this the most affordable and advanced device of its class. The model have been designed to print preset or custom date, time & numbering formats onto a multitude of documents and carbonated paper sets.

Used extensively in garages,schools, hospitals, police stations and airports.

 ETR-20 Job Timer and Document Stamp

The ETR-20 is a robust electronic Time & Date Stamp / Job Timer and is ideal for keeping track of the time spent on a job or time and date stamping of documents. The ETR-20 electronic time stamp and numerator machine accurately records time, date, and number .The print format is user definable with over 30 combinations available.   

Needtek TS-350 Heavy Duty Time & Date Stamp
The TS-350 heavy duty time and date stamp is the ideal choice for businesses that requires a time, date and / or number stamping on documents, recommended for garages and businesses that require a heavy duty time stamp. 
Seiko TP-50 Time & Date Stamp
The New Seiko TP-50 Time & Date Stamp - Automatic Time & Date, Numbering and Messaging printer from Seiko.

Unique two line printing with Seiko quality, reliability and versatility.
Time Precision TP-300 Time & Date Stamp
The one of the most advanced time,date and numbering printer has arrived on the market. The TP-300 has a huge range of functions that offer more convenient and versatile features than its predecessor.