L7000 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with Optional PIN Code Entry

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L7000 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with Optional PIN Code Entry
ZK L7000 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

L7000 is all-in-one fingerprint door lock very convenient to operate and which provides fast access to any secured room. You donít need to carry a key, simply place your finger your finger on the reading sensor and the door unlocks within 1 second of verification.

Keyless entry is the technology of choice in today's consumer security products. This high-quality Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock offers 3 different ways to open your door: Fingerprint, Password, Mechanical key. Using biometric technology, this lock grants you access to your home or property by simply scanning your fingerprint! Able to memorize up to an astonishing 500 different fingerprints, all that you and your employees or loved ones need to do is hit the zero key and place your finger on the door lock's scanner to be let in instantly. The L7000 can also work with a PIN code or mechanical key (for emergency use). No need to worry about complicated programming either, as this lock requires zero computer programming.


  • Maximum 500 fingerprints and 100 passwords.
  • Comes with a USB port (USB stick is not included) for downloading records and software upgrade.
  • 3 user privileges: 
  • Recommended for internal use only
  • Super administrators: access to all system functions and system settings.
  • Administrators: access to all operations except advanced settings. 
  • Ordinary users: access to the fingerprint matching and unlocking functions.
  • Reversible handle (for right or left-handed installation).
  • Appropriate for door thickness: 35mm-70mm.
  • American style, using international standard single latch.