Needtek TM-920 Clocking In Machine

(Code: TM-920)

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Needtek TM-920 Clocking In Machine

The Needtek TM-920 is a superb clocking in machine with a large display for easy viewing and automatic set up.

Additional Information:
  • Large digital display for easy viewing and setting.
  • Quartz crystal accuracy and perpetual calendar to assure correct adjustment at month end.
  • Two colour printing of date and time with 9-pin dot matrix printer.
  • Internal lithium battery to guarantee data memory reserved for 3 years.
  • Ni-Cad rechargeable battery to maintain printing during power failure.
  • Standard IN/OUT 6 column printing.
  • Selectable Day Line Change Time to meet the specified schedule you require.
  • Auto delivery time card IN/OUT within card slot.
  • Auto-detecting right side of time card.
  • Function of monthly or weekly pay ending can be changed as required.
  • Music melody and external bell alarm connection included.
  • Each day can be programmed independently within the week 24 settings of colour/music/column to give maximum flexibility for various work schedules.

* Price includes 200 weekly time cards and a 25 slot card rack.