Needtek TM-920 Clocking In Machine

(Code: TM-920 +cards / rack)

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Needtek TM-920 Clocking In Machine

Take advantage of the Needtek TM 920 clocking in machine today! Here at UK Time Solutions, we supply a wide range of clocking in machines which can be tailored to suit the needs and wants of various businesses.

The Needtek TM 920 is one of the clocking in systems which has proven to be popular with an array of businesses who are looking to monitor the time and attendance of their employees. This time recorder is used to keep track of the time and date, ensuring that you have a reliable record of when your employees were on time, late or absent!

The data memory of the Needtek TM 920 is guaranteed to be stored for 3 years so you neednít worry about losing the machine settings in the event of a power interuptions. In addition to this, our clocking in machine will also continue to work in the event of power failure, making it an ideal method for continual time management.

With the Needtek TM 920 clocking in machine, youíll also find free clocking in cards and time card rack. If youíre looking for a flexible clocking in machine, you neednít look any further than UK Time Solutions, we supply the Needtek clocking in machines to cater for the most diverse needs and wants so donít hesitate to discuss your needs in more detail with one of our experts, simply call us on 0191 414 4241!

The Needtek TM-920 is a superb clocking in machine with a large display for easy viewing and automatic set up.

Additional Information:
  • Large digital display for easy viewing and setting.
  • Quartz crystal accuracy and perpetual calendar to assure correct adjustment at month end.
  • Two colour printing of date and time with 9-pin dot matrix printer.
  • Internal lithium battery to guarantee data memory reserved for 3 years.
  • Ni-Cad rechargeable battery to maintain printing during power failure.
  • Standard IN/OUT 6 column printing.
  • Selectable Day Line Change Time to meet the specified schedule you require.
  • Auto delivery time card IN/OUT within card slot.
  • Auto-detecting right side of time card.
  • Function of monthly or weekly pay ending can be changed as required.
  • Music melody and external bell alarm connection included.
  • Each day can be programmed independently within the week 24 settings of colour/music/column to give maximum flexibility for various work schedules.

* Price includes 200 weekly time cards and a 25 slot card rack.