Needtek TS-350 Heavy Duty Time & Date Stamp

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Needtek TS-350 Heavy Duty Time & Date Stamp

The Needtek TS 350 heavy duty time date stamp is the choice of businesses. The time and date stamp is suitable for an array of business needs but most importantly it allows you to highlight when you completed the work or for time and date stamping of important documents.

Here at UK Time Solutions, we have a complete range of time and date stamps, including heavy duty time stamps which have a rechargeable battery backup. The date time stamp works regardless of power failure, ensuring that you achieve maximum efficiency.

For careful time and attendance monitoring, you neednít look any further than UK Time Solutions, we can help you to control your documents to make them look more professional and complete using our time recorder systems. The Needtek TS 350 provides precise accurate time keeping and is designed to be flexible ensuring that it suits the requirements of your business.

The heavy-duty time and date stamp is provided to offer maximum functionality and provides reliable time management!

As with any of the time and date stamps we supply, our Needtek TS 350 heavy duty time and date stamp comes with 12 month warranty, so why not order yours here today?

Standard Features:

- Selectable printing order upto 30 sets for you to choose from
- Customisable print options over 3 seperate lines
- Keeps time during power failure
- Large window for document alignment
- Perpetual calendar until 2099
- Auto BST reset time correction
- 1 to 8 digit numbering with upto 9 repetitions
- Numeric program password protection
- Wall or table mounting
- Optional Features:
- Built in buzzer output relay
- Rechargeable battery backup to allow printing during power failure