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<span style="color:red;">Protime</span><br />Face Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System

Our Facescan Protime time attendance system with biometric facial recognition terminal is ideal for businesses with up to 100 employees looking for a high tech biometric time and attendance system.

The Protime system is simple to install and easy to use, making it more convenient for you and your employees, to clock in the employees simply look into the face recognition unit, the unit will compare the face image with the stored template and will give a an on-screen confirmation and voice verification.

When it comes to time management for the entire workforce, what better way to keep track of time than our system with the biometric facescan? The fact that the system scans the face makes it far safer than any other clocking in system and can, therefore, enhance the safety and security of your business!

The scanner will identify employees by scanning their face, once their face is detected, the data will be stored using the advanced attendance software which will then be used to assist with the payroll preparation. The face recognition time and attendance system will make the payroll easier by automatically calculating how many hours each employee has worked including up to 4 overtime rates.This can ultimately speed up the process and prevent the likelihood of any payroll errors arising.

  • Advanced face recognition biometric attendance terminal
  • Integrated smartcard reader
  • 2 versions available 50 / 100 employees
  • Extremely simple to setup and time & attendance software 
  • Full calculation of employees standard hours and overtime  
  • Highlights things that need addressing e.g. absences, lateness, missed clocking etc
  • User definable attendance reporting
  • highlights lateness, overtime and unauthorized absences

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