Time Recorder Ink Cassettes

We supply an extensive range of replacement Ink cassettes and cartridges for most makes of time recorders and clocking in machine,  we also stock ink ribbon & cartridges for older time recorders that have a spool to spool function. Irrespective of what type of ink ribbon, ink cassette or ink cartridge your clocking in machine needs we're sure we can supply it. To make sure the ink ribbon gets fitted correctly we can offer telephone support or if the ribbon is being particularly stubborn or awkward we can provide engineering services to fit it into your time recorder and clocking in machine for you.

Most clocking in machines nowadays use a fabric ink ribbon thatís contained within a cartridge or cassette. This protects the internal ink ribbon from drying out and also has the added benefit of making it very easy to replace. Ink cartridges will provide thousands of impressions on a card so for a small business a single ink cartridge will last for over a year.