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NT-20A Electronic Time & Date Stamp

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 NT-20A Electronic Time & Date Stamp

NT20A Time & Date Stamp / Job Timer

Keeping track of time has never been simpler, At UK Time Solutions, we have a solution that will record both the time and date on important documents or timesheets.

The Eagletime NT-20A job timer and document time stamp is a time recorder that has been designed to make it clear just how much time youíve spent on jobs or for accurately recording the time and date on a document, The machine is extensively used for garages and workshops to record repair and warranty claim times.


Other typical uses for the NT-20A are recording job start and finish times for service work in garages and workshops or car parking arrival and departure times of vehicles. The NT-20A machines are commonly used in the banking or insurance industries for date stamping of time sensitive documents. 


The NT-20A electronic time stamp can be user configured with over 30 different print options allowing your documents look more professional.  The NT-20A job timer and document stamp offers maximum functionality and is a practical solution for highlighting time dependant activities.


The NT-20A comes with  a battery backup as standard, so you neednít worry about it losing its setting in the event of a power failure. 
The NT-20A job timer and document stamps are designed to enhance the accuracy of any company paperwork or job sheets.


UK TimeSolutions supply the NT-20A job timer and document stamp as a versatile time and date stamp that has many uses, it can either be fixed to the wall or free standing depending on what suits your business needs best. Our time and document stamp is guaranteed to improve the efficiency of your business.


Could you benefit from the NT-20A job timer and document stamp?

NT20A Time & Date Stamp Standard Features:

- Very popular for garages and workshops
- User definable printing selection with up to 30 formats to choose from
- Customization print options over 3 separate lines
- Keeps time during power failure
- Large window for document alignment
- Perpetual calendar until 2099
- Auto BST / GMT time reset
- 1 to 8 digit numbering with up to 9 repetitions
- Numeric programmable password protection
- Rechargeable battery backup to allow stamping during power failure
- Option for wall or table mounting
- The NT-20A is the ideal choice for every business application the requires a time, date and/or number stamp.

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