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Targetmax NT-20A Electronic Time & Date Stamp

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 Targetmax NT-20A Electronic Time & Date Stamp

The Targetmax NT20A Time & Date Stamp / Job Timer

Keeping track of time has never been simpler, At UK Time Solutions, we have a solution that will record both the time and date on important documents or timesheets.

The Eagletime NT-20A job timer and document timestamp is a time recorder that has been designed to make it clear just how much time you’ve spent on jobs or for accurately recording the time and date on a document, The machine is extensively used for garages and workshops to record repair and warranty claim times.


Other typical uses for the Targetmax NT-20A are recording job start and finish times for service work in garages and workshops or car parking arrival and departure times of vehicles. The NT-20A machines are commonly used in the banking or insurance industries for the date stamping of time-sensitive documents. 


The NT-20A electronic timestamp can be user configured with over 30 different print options allowing your documents to look more professional.  The NT-20A job timer and document stamp offer maximum functionality and are a practical solution for highlighting time-dependent activities.


The NT-20A comes with a battery backup as standard, so you needn’t worry about it losing its setting in the event of a power failure. 
The NT-20A job timer and document stamps are designed to enhance the accuracy of any company paperwork or job sheets.


UK TimeSolutions supplies the NT-20A job timer and document stamp as a versatile time and date stamp that has many uses, it can either be fixed to the wall or free-standing depending on what suits your business needs best. Our time and document stamp is guaranteed to improve the efficiency of your business.


Could you benefit from the NT-20A job timer and document stamp?

NT20A Time & Date Stamp Standard Features:

- Very popular for garages and workshops
- User-definable printing selection with up to 30 formats to choose from
- Customization print options over 3 separate lines
- Keeps time during power failure
- Large window for document alignment
- Perpetual calendar until 2099
- Auto BST / GMT time reset
- 1 to 8-digit numbering with up to 9 repetitions
- Numeric programmable password protection
- Rechargeable battery backup to allow stamping during power failure
- Option for wall or table mounting
- The NT-20A is the ideal choice for every business application that requires a time, date, and/or number stamp.

(View NT-20A Video Clip Here)