Clocking In Machines and Basic Time Recorders

We provide an extensive range of products including traditional clocking in machines, and time recorders. The employee simply uses a cardboard clocking in card that is inserted into the clocking in machines when they arrive and leave work. A clear and accurate time and date is stamped on the clocking card. At the end of the pay period you can manually calculate the attendance hours for payroll and give a perminent  attendance record.

We also supply advanced calculating clocking in machines that can total up the hours worked for you and will print the daily and running pay period totals on the clock card each time it’s clocked, this will considerably help with the accuracy of payroll preparation.

Most of our clocking in machines also offer additional features such as fully automatic in and out clocking location, to prevent overprinting, and the ability to highlight late clocking’s in red print. An internal signal chime and an output to ring an external sounder to alert staff of start, stop and break times is also available on most models, Time recorders are a reliabe and cost effective method of recording staff timekeeping.

Time & Attendance Systems / Workforce Management

Our range of advanced time and attendance systems with some of the systems designed to be simple to install and setup and are ideal for DIY installation, our time and attendance systems incorporate the latest in clocking in advances including biometric fingerprint and handscan and face recognition technology as well as contactless RFID smart card proximity cards or key fobs.

The systems allow greater control over one of your most expensive facets of your business, your workforce! The powerful yet user-friendly time and attendance software to allow you monitor and report on your employees time and attendance with ease.

The time and attendance software allows you to view and edit the clocking data on-screen. The system will then produce accurate management payroll and attendance reports and even export directly into most payroll software including Sage, Pegasus, Earnie etc this in turn will speed up and simplify the payroll preperation.

Ink Ribbons and Ink Cartridges

The ink ribbon normally comes on a spool and some time recorders require ink ribbons that have a spool to spool function. Irrespective of what type of ink ribbon your clocking in machine needs we’re sure we can supply it. To make sure the ribbon gets fitted correctly we can offer telephone support or if the ribbon is being particularly stubborn or awkward we can provide engineering services to fit it into your time recorder. 

Most clocking in machines nowadays use a ribbon that’s contained within a cartridge. This protects the internal ink ribbon from drying out and also has the added benefit of making it very easy to replace. Ink cartridges will provide thousands of impressions on a card so for a small business a single ink cartridge will last a long time. If you’re looking after a larger company it may be worth ordering two ink cartridges to keep one as a spare or you could even get in touch with our sales team to upgrade your basic clocking in machine to a full PC based time and attendance system then you wouldn’t need to buy an ink cartridge at all.