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Auto Bell Timer

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Auto Bell Timer

Description of this Automatic Bell Timer

The AUTO BELL Timer Unit IS A cost-effective solution to LET your staff know when its LUNCH or tea break time,  NO ONE LIKES TO MISS A BREAK TIME ...

The Auto Bell Timer Unit is a fully programmable weekly bell timer with the ability to activate 230v AC sounders for bell ringing or siren sounding applications including Industrial shift start and finish times, lunch & tea break time signaling, overtime alert, school period & class change bells etc.
The timer unit can be programmed with a maximum of 200 individual sounder times over a 7 day period and each day can be set up independently, the auto bell timer also has an adjustable sounder duration time and can activate the sounders from 1 to 99 seconds in duration.
The timer is very simple to program via the units integrated keypad.
Simply hardwire the Auto Bell Timer to the 230v AC sounder as required, multiple sounders can be connected to ensure the sounders can be heard throughout the building.
We stock a wide range of suitable bells and electronic sounder and siren, the details can be found below, we provide sounders to suit most applications and budgets.
Please Note: The Auto Bell Timer should be installed by a competent electrician or maintenance person.


School Class Change & Period Bells.

Factory Shift Change Indication.

Lunch and Tea Break Reminder.
Task / Event Timer.

Features Include:

  • 200 programmable ring times per week, 7 days a week.
  • Each day can be programmed independently.
  • Sounder time can be adjusted from 1 second to 99 seconds duration.
  • Will work with any 230v bells, sounders or beacons.
  • 230v AC / 50Hz Working Input Voltage 230v AC Output to sounders.
  • The maximum load capacity is 25A to allow multiple sounders to be connected.
  • Compatible with any 230v AC mains sounder.
  • Manual activation switch can be used to permanently ring the bells, ideal for school lockdown or emergency indication.
  • Sounders are connected with a 1.5 mm twin mains cable. (not supplied)

Available Sounders

(Download Auto Bell Timer Brochure Here)