Biometric Time and Attendance Systems UK / Self Install

The best biometric staff attendance management system 

In the workplace, monitoring your staff's timekeeping is something that’s considered to be essential.

For your business to succeed, you need to make sure that everything operates smoothly, according to time.

By installing one of our advanced PC-linked time and attendance systems, this can be done cost-effectively with one of our range of innovative time & attendance systems at the best possible prices!

Discover our biometric time and attendance solutions

With our extensive range of contactless proximity smart card, fingerprint, face recognition and hand-scanning biometric attendance systems that we provide are a highly efficient way for you to keep track of staff attendance time. Our time and attendance systems are extremely accurate and efficient, and with a wide range of advanced clocking terminals, we can ensure that you find the best solution for your business.

Our range of time and attendance systems will keep track of employee attendance hours including overtime and absenteeism etc. As well as this, our time and attendance systems are flexible and are designed to cater for the needs of UK businesses, and can handle multiple work patterns with ease. At UK Time Solutions, we provide a wide range of biometric systems which are ideal to ensure staff can't clock in for each other. The accurate time and attendance reports and exports are quickly produced, saving you time, effort and money!

Try our time and attendance software UK 

The feature-rich time and attendance software we supply is perfect for making sure that employees are paid fairly, for the actual number of hours that they work. The biometric and proximity card system enables you to carefully monitor the time that your employees arrive on time, arrive late, leave early or work overtime, ultimately enabling you to prevent any costly time fraud in the workplace. Check out our choice of time and attendance biometric solutions!

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Time Vision

Time Vision

Ideal for the smaller business

For up to 50 employees, 1 Attendance terminal, Single user software.
Timevision Plus

Timevision Plus

For Medium sizes businesses

For up to 100 employees, multiple attendance terminals, multi-user software. 
Infinity Time & Attendance System

Infinity Time & Attendance System

Infinity Express (75 employee) 
Infinity Premuim (Unlimited employee)

Unlimited employees, multiple attendance terminals, multiple sites, multi-user software with full HR facilities.