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Select from our range of clocking in cards below or give us a call for expert advise!

Here at UK Time Solutions, you’ll find a wide range of popular clocking in cards, time cards tailored to suit your clocking in machine or time recorder requirements specifically. The time cards we stock are available in a variety of designs, enabling you to choose weekly or monthly clocking in cards. We also provide a comprehensive range of job cards, technicians claim tickets and proximity key fobs and attendance swipe card badges.
Our range of clocking in time cards are appropriate for most makes and models of clocking in machines, so why not check out our complete range of time cards here?
We also provide contactless proximity attendance key fobs and swipe cards, not only do these allow you to clock in with ease, there are handy to attach to keys or carry in your purse or wallet so you needn’t worry about forgetting it!
When it comes to calculating payroll, our attendance key fobs are an ideal solution. You’ll be able to record your employee’s working hours in a way that’s reliable and highly efficient, ensuring that employees are paid for the hours that they work. As well as this, our key fobs and cards are available in a range of sizes, colours and styles.
You may also be interested in our range of clocking in machines and biometric time and attendance systems.
Computime Attendance Badge
Computime Attendance Badge
Computime Magstripe Attendance Badge 
For use with Computime Multitec Attendance Terminals.
Badge size: 85mm(W) x 54mm(H)

RFID Key Fob
RFID Proximity Attendance Key Fob

For use with Timevision, Protime & Infinity time and attendance systems.
Proximity Attendance Card
RFID Proximity Attendance Cards

For use with Timevision, Protime and Infinity Systems
C7082 Weekly Clocking In Cards
C7082 Time Cards
Box of 1000 C7082 Weekly Timecards. 
Time-card dimensions: 85mm(W) x 140mm(H)
C6704 Clocking In Card
C6704 Clipper Time Cards
Box of 1000 C6704 clipper timecards. 
Card size: 86mm(W) x 230mm(H)
CTM920M Monthly Clocking In Card
CTM920M Monthly Time Card
Pack of 100 CTM920M monthly time cards.
Card dimensions: 85mm(Width) x 187mm(High)
For use with Eagletime NT75N,  NT3200 and TM920, ETR75 Time  Recorders
CETR50W Weekly Clocking In Cards
CETR50W Time Cards
Pack of 1000 CETR50W weekly time cards.
Card size: 86mm(Wide) x 185mm(High)
CTECH  (PCT/1 Lick and Stick)  Job Ticket
CTECH / PCT/1 Technicians Tickets
 Pack of 500 or 1000 PCT/1 technicians job/pay claim tickets.
3 part carbonated technicians job cards
Ideal for garages, workshops and repair facilities.

C7DAY Clocking In Card - Weekly Time Card
C7DAY Time Cards
Box of 1000 C7DAY attendance timecards.
Clockcard dimensions: 73mm(W) x 253mm(H)
  C8300 Clocking In Card
C8300 Time Cards
Clocking Cards for the C8300 Calculating Time Recorder.
Pack of 50 time cards. 
Dimensions: 85mm(W) x 187mm(H)
CCC Clocking In Card
CCC Time Cards
Box of 1000 CCC job timing timecards.
Clocking Card Dimensions: 86mm(W) x 230mm(H)
Seiko QR375 / QR395 / QR475 Clocking In Card
CQR375 Time Cards     
Pack of 100 Seiko bar-coded time cards for use with Seiko calculating time recorders.
Card size: 85mm(W) x 183mm(H)
C85 Clocking In Card
C85 Time Cards
Supplied in a box of 1000 timecards.
Time Cards Sizes: 86mm(W) x 230mm(H)
CPH Punch Hole Clocking In Card
CPH Punch Hole Time Cards
Pack of 1000 CPH punch hole timecards. 
Dimensions: 103mm(Wide ) x 190mm(Tall)
CSCNDI Clocking In Card
CSCNDI Time Cards
Pack of 1000 CSCNDI time cards.
Time Card Sizes: 68mm(W) x 177mm(H)