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Clock in and out machine & time recorders 

Our Time Clock and Time Card Machines

We provide a range of quality traditional staff clocking in machines that simply use cardboard clocking in cards. They are the perfect solution for managing your staffs time and monitoring the attendance, simple to use and cost-effective.
The design of the clocking in machines is simple yet traditional, incorporating modern technology that’s advanced and innovative. Our range of clock machines are ideal for recording staff timekeeping in a way that’s reliable easy to use and efficient. Each company that employs people can be equipped with a clocking in system.

Discover our range of time and attendance systems

We also offer a selection of PC linked clocking in systems that use the latest time and attendance software to keep track of the time an employee is at work, our computer linked systems also provide a full calculation of the attendance house including overtime, making them reliable and highly efficient. Not only are our clocking in systems easy to use and visualize, they make light work of the payroll preparation, they are accurate and simple to operate making employee time and attendance less time-consuming.
If you wish to get more control on your business, installing a clocking-in system is a very good start. You will be able to gather new data on your employees, and to save a lot of time for other daily tasks.
So, if you’re looking to install a clocking in machine in your business, look no further than UK Time Solutions - we have a wealth of experience (over 70 years) which enables us to provide you with the most appropriate solution and the best support. You need more information about our products? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Eagletime NT75N Staff Clocking In Machine
(-10.00%)  128.45

Our Best Selling Time Recorder 

(Special Offer Price)

The Eagletime NT75N Time Recorder is feature-rich and has been designed for smaller businesses. The NT75N clocking-in machine is Ideal for companies that require a simple and reliable clocking-in machine to help keep track of employees' hours worked.
Simple plug-and-play setup and installation.

Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly clocking cards and 1 x R7082PF 25 slot card holder 
Seiko QR395 Calculating Clocking In Machine
(-7.70%)  247.00
 Seiko QR395 Calculating Clocking Machine 

Totals the hours worked for you!

The high-featured Seiko QR-395 calculating clocking machine was developed to ease payroll preparation. The QR-395 will give a running total of employees' daily and pay period hours, all on one card.

Free Starter Pack: 100 x CQR375 time cards and a 25-slot RCR20M card rack.

Needtek TM-920 Staff Clocking Machine
(-20.00%)  257.15
Needtek TM920 Clocking Machine

Ideal for heavy use

The Needtek TM-920 is a superb quality clocking In machine with a large time display for easy viewing
ready to use straight from the box with plug and play setup, and also offers two colour printing to highlight late arrivals.

Free TM920 Starter Pack: 250 x C7082/250 weekly attendance cards and  1 x R7082PF 25 slot cardholder.
Eagletime NT-95N Electronic Time Recorder
(-10.00%)  149.86
Eagletime NT-95N Staff Clocking-In Machine

The Eagletime NT-95N Electronic clocking machine is all you need to start and save your business both Time & Money! 
Simple plug-in and the machine will automatically set itself up, ready to use straight from the box ...

Free Starter Pack: 200 x C7082 weekly time cards and 1 x R7082PF card rack.

Eagletime NT-86 Time Recorder (Pack 100 - Monthly Cards)
(-16.67%)  115.00
Monthly Time Card

NT-86 (Monthly Time Card) Time Recorder
The Eagletime NT-86 Time Recorder is the ideal solution for anyone looking for monthly payroll.
Simple plug-and-play installation.

Free  Starter Pack: 100 x CTM(20M monthly attendance cards and 1 x RCR20M 25 slot cardholder.
Eagletime NT-3200 Electronic Time Recorder
(-16.67%)  147.00
Fantastic Value

The Eagletime NT-3200 is a top-quality clocking in machine that is Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a simple solution to keep track of hours worked by employees.

Price  includes: Pack of 200 x C7082 Weekly time cards and 1 x R7082PF 25 slot time card rack.