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Eagletime NT-3200 Electronic Time Recorder

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Eagletime NT-3200 Electronic Time Recorder

Eagletime NT-3200 Electronic Time Recorder

The EagletimeNT-3200 is our new clocking-in machine. Ideal for small to medium businesses that require stamping onto a timecard to keep track of hours worked by employees.

The Eagletime NT-3200 is an electronic time recorder that is finely developed to address the timekeeping needs of small to medium-sized industries. It is designed to be fully automatic with simple operation and automatic setup..

Eagletime NT-3200 Electronic time recorder Features

  • Dot-matrix printer ensures clear, fast and quiet printing
  • Two (2) colour printing clearly identifies lateness and overtime
  • Time programmable break time alarm
  • Automatic card feed and release
  • Automatic in / out column shifting
  • Six (6) column printing
  • Twenty four (24) hour / Twelve (12) hour display format
  • Automatic Perpetual calendar
  • Automatic GMT / BST time change
  • Password security
  • Built-in backup battery for data protection during power failures
  • For a maximum of 100 employees
  • Stops time theft and saves you money.
  • Stand-alone time recorder

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