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Eagletime NT-95N Electronic Time Recorder

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Eagletime NT-95N Electronic Time Recorder

The simple-to-use Eagletime NT-95N electronic clocking-in machine.

The Eagletime NT-95N electronic time recorder is one of the best and most reliable clocking-in machines on the market. Not only can it provide you with a suitable time solution for recording the attendance of your workforce, but it is also ideal if you’re looking to save time and money too.

As with any of our high-quality clocking-in machines and time recorders, the Eagletime NT-95N electronic clocking-in system is your go-to time recorder for your time and attendance needs. Here at UK Time Solutions, our clocking-in machines are used to accurately measure the number of hours worked by your employees, and will help with payroll preparation which needs to be accurate if employees are to be paid according to the hours they work!

With the Eagletime NT-95N electronic clocking-in machine, you will also receive the time cards and a time card rack to hold the time cards safely. As well as this, we provide you with 12 month's warranty to ensure you’re covered if anything should happen to the clocking machine.

When it comes to keeping track of time, you want to make sure that you have a suitable clocking-in machine that provides you with the best value for money.

You can count on UK Time Solutions to provide you with exceptional value for money by providing you with an efficient clocking-in machine, like the NT-95N!

Simply plug and play clocking in-machine.


To find out more about our clocking-in machines, get in touch with us now!

Additional Information
  •  Traditional 7-day weekly time card.
  •  (Optional monthly time card, please contact for details)
  •  Fully automatic card stamping.
  •  Automatic programmable IN - OUT selection. 
  •  The machine can be programmed to stamp red to highlight lateness.
  •  Accurate timekeeping by quality quartz time base.
  •  Fully automatic time reset in case of power failures.
  •  Automatic summer/winter GMT and BST time changes.
  •  Optional full on-site maintenance is available.
  •  Desk or wall mounting options
  •  Weekly or monthly time card option
  • 12v power adapter plug.
  •  Clear easy to read LED time display. 
  •  Simple plug & play setup and installation. 
  • 1-year warranty for parts and labour.

(Click here for NT-95N information PDF)