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Fingerprint Recognition
Time & Attendance System

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TimeVision <br />Fingerprint Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System

Timevision Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance Solution

Eliminates "buddy clocking" employees clocking in for each other.

Our TimeVision fingerprint recognition time and attendance system is one of the most cost-effective investments that your business could make! The TimeVision fingerprint time and attendance system is easy to install and suitable for the needs of an array of small to medium businesses, the software has been designed and developed in the UK for the UK market and will handle various work pattern rules.

The TimeVision fingerprint recognition systems will ensure that staff can't clock in for anyone else and will eliminate "buddy clocking" the system has been designed to fit most small to medium sized company's and is great value for money. Here at UK Time Solutions, our time and attendance systems are designed to accurately monitor time and attendance and simplify the payroll preparation.

Although the fingerprint recognition time attendance system is designed to monitor absence and attendance, itís can also be used to provide accurate roll call reports showing "who's on-site" in case of emergency.

The use of the fingerprint recognition time attendance system is exactly what you need if youíre looking to reduce payroll errors and increase accuracy.

TimeVision Featurescd1.png

  • Support up to 10 work patterns and 3 payment rates
  • Complete boxed solution including attendance terminal & software
  • Designed for simple DIY installation and setup
  • No need for timesheets or time cards
  • Network ready handscan attendance terminal
  • Calculate daily and weekly overtime with ease
  • Highlight anomalies including lateness and absences
  • On-screen correction of clocking information and re-calculation of hours
  • Reports on absences and timekeeping
  • Produces a range detailed reports for each employee
  • Optional sage payroll export
  • Emergency fire roll call report.

(See the Timevision Fingerprint Terminal in Action)

If you need to know more about our Time Vision fingerprint recognition clocking in systems, donít hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today!