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Timevision Plus
Hand Scan
Time & Attendance System

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<span style="color:red;">Timevision Plus</span><br />Hand Scan<br />Time & Attendance System

 TIMEVISION PLUS Handscan Biometric System - NETWORK rEADY

Timevision Plus - Handscan Time & Attendance System

The Timevision Plus Handscan time attendance system incorporates the award-winning concept of Time Vision clocking in systems and is designed to suit the requirements of almost any medium-sized business. Our Timevision Plus H andscan is designed to work in harsh enviroments and is extremely simple to use ensuring you neednít worry about staff clocking in and out , they simply enter a pin code on the hand-scanner then place the hand on the scanner, the hand-scanner with then verify the handprint with the stored template, provided they match the clocking will be accepted.

As well as this, the Timevision Plus Handscan is ideal for businesses that have up to 100 employees, providing a reliable method of time and attendance tracking. The Timevision Plus system will accurately record the number of hours you work, including 4 rates of overtime and can be used for absence management recording holiday and sickness ect.

From a health and safety standpoint, you can rest assured that the Handscan time attendance system is one of the best ways you can record that a member of staff is on-site. The software can be used to produce "roll call reports" showing who is clocked in and on-site.

The handscan uses innovative technology to make clocking in quick and efficient, providing you with a hassle-free experience that is reliable, The system is ideal for construction work and harsh working environments.

  • Main Features
  • Unique handscan attendance terminal eliminates "buddy clocking"
  •  Network ready with inbuilt ethernet connection
  • Multiple clocking terminals
  • Unlimited number of clocking's each day
  • Calculates employees basic hours and up to 4 overtime rates
  • Automatically highlights absences, lateness, missed clocking etc.
  • Generates timesheets for each member of staff
  • Reporting for holidays, absences and sickness
  • highlights lateness and unauthorized clicking's
  • Database backup facility
(Download Timevision Plus Brochure Here)

Should you need to know more about the Handscan time and attendance systems, look no further than UK Time Solutions, call us on 0191 414 4241 today!