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ICTP10 Seiko / Lathem / Timemaster Ink Cartridge

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ICTP10 Seiko / Lathem / Timemaster Ink Cartridge

Ink cartridge for use with:

Quality Time Recorder Ink Cartridges

  • Beatron TP-2000
  • Beatron TP-5000
  • Isgus TP10, TP20
  • Time Precision TP300
  • Seiko QR375
  • Seiko QR350
  • Seiko TP10 / TP20
  • Targetmax range of clocking in machines
  • NT20A ( pre 2014)
  • Lathem 5000E

Our stock of clocking-in ink ribbons, printing cassettes, and ink cartridges are OEM top quality and made with quality fabric and ink. These top-quality time recorder ink cassettes are manufactured to provide clear crisp print performance and will maintain a bright clear stamp on the time card.

       Donít accept inferior quality time recorder ink cassettes, which may cause serious problems with your clocking in machine's print head.

Choose your quality replacement ink ribbon from a professional time and attendance specialist like UK Time Solutions, we provide first-class customer service and all products are backed by our guarantee. We stock replacement ink ribbons, spare parts, and accessories for all brand's time recorder.