LED Digital & Analog Office Clocks

Our LED Digital and Analog Office Wall Clocks

Viso 50 Analoge & LED Display Clock

The Viso -50 Analogue & LCD Display Clock
The Viso-50 combines both traditional analog and modem LCD time displays
The atomic clock ensures automatic setup and time accuracy.

Displays time, day, date, month, and year.
Radio Controlled Battery Operated Wall Clock

Radio controlled wall clock designed to enhance any office or workspace.

Battery Operated Wall Clock

12" battery wall clock quartz office wall clock.

Viso10 LCD Calendar Clock

The Viso -10 LCD Calendar Clock
The Viso-10 is ideal for office or home use, the clock is radio-controlled for simple automatic setup and accuracy.
Powered by 2 x AA batteries.
Displays time, day, date, month, and year.

Large LED Display Clock


The BD-4000 Large LED Display Clock
Designed to complement any office or industrial environment with its large clear high visibility red LED digits and high visibility matt finish
The clock is simple to setup with its full function remote control and it can be set to display time, date and internal room temperature.