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NT-86 Time Recorder (Monthly Cards)

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NT-86 Time Recorder (Monthly Cards)


The Eagletime NT-86 Electronic Time Recorders (Monthly Time Card)

NT-86 Time Recorder Features :

         9-pin dot-matrix printer ensures clear, first and quiet printing.

         Automatic card feeding and rejection of wrong-side detection.

         Handles monthly pay periods.

         Automatic perpetual calendar for the end of every month .

         18 times ribbon color change setting per day.

         18 times auto In/Out card shift per day.

         24 times selection of internal / external siren, musical or both.

         Simple operation and easy programming.

         Automatic Daylight Saving time adjustment.

         Selectable different day schedules.

         24 hour / 12 hour display format.

         Password Security. to prevent improper use.

         Built-in back-up battery for data protection.

         Optional Ni-Cd battery back-up system  during power failures.

NT-86 Time Recorder Specifications


AC Power : 110V or 220V ~ 240V  50/60 Hz

Consumption : 18mA

Humidity Range : 20%~80% RH

Dimensions : 110 mm (W) x 180 mm (H) x 220 mm (D)

The cost effective solution for monthly payroll.