Timevision Plus

Timevision Plus Time & Attendance System, designed for business with up to 100 staff that require multiple clocking terminals.

If you’re looking for reliable time management, why not consider Timevision Plus? The Timevision Plus clocking systems are perfect for businesses that have up to 100 employees. The Timevision Plus time and attendance system is an upgraded version of the award-winning TimeVision system but has an array of additional features for the larger organization, multi-user software, the ability to add multiple clocking terminals and additional shift pattern rules.

The Timevision Plus time and attendance management system is one of the most popular clocking-in systems that will accurately monitor time & attendance of your workforce. 

Timevision Plus is similar to the award-winning Timevision concept which is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for attendance reporting. Although the Timevision Plus smartcard reader and fingerprint and face recognition time and attendance terminals are all very simple to use and are a useful investment for small to moderate businesses.

Our time and attendance clocking systems are highly efficient; when it comes to  payroll preparation, the Timevision Plus system will ultimately save you time and hassle calculating how many hours each employee has worked!  The clocking systems  are linked to either a PC or network allowing you to streamline your payroll preparation from the comfort of your office.


Timevision Plus, take the stain out of payroll preparation.

Why not purchase a Timevision Plus time and attendance system today, and save your business both time and money!


<span style="color:red;">Timevision Plus</span><br />Face Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System
£ 595.00

Timevision Plus Face Recognition System
Contactless Face Recognition Technology at its best.

Timevision Plus Face Recognition Time & Attendance System, designed as a continuation from the TimeVision system and keeping with the same award-winning concept that made it undoubtedly the most popular mid-level plug and play clocking on system available. The system utilises the new biometric face recognition technology with an integrated smart card facility.

The system includes : Facescan and RFID clocking terminal, Timevision plus software, 30 days helpdesk support & assistance.
<span style="color:red;">Timevision Plus</span><br /> Smart Card <br />Time & Attendance System
£ 473.00
Timevision Plus Smart Card / Keyfob System
The Timevision Plus Smart Card RFID Time & Attendance System is the natural progression to the popular TimeVision system and keeping with the same user-friendly concept with an array of new additional features that made it undoubtedly one of the most popular and flexible PC linked time and attendance systems on the market. 

System includes : Proximity smartcard attendance terminal, Timevision Plus software, Attendance cards or key fobs, 30 days helpdesk support and assistance.

<span style="color:red;">Timevision Plus</span><br />Fingerprint<br />Time & Attendance System
£ 525.00
Timevision Plus Fingerprint System
The Timevision Plus Biometric Fingerprint Time Management System is a well-proven system that has been designed to meet the requirement of most UK businesses, the advanced fingerprint attendance terminal ensures that employees don't clock in for each other and eliminates the possibility of "buddy clocking"

The system comprises: Fingerprint attendance clocking terminal, Timevision plus software, 30 days helpdesk assistance & support
<span style="color:red;">Timevision Plus</span><br />Hand Scan<br />Time & Attendance System
£ 1,125.00
Timevision Plus Handscan System
Timevision Plus Biometric Handscan Attendance System. the natural progression from the top-selling TimeVision system but now with even more features and functionality that makes Timevision Plus the best value for money plug and play Time & Attendance Systems available.

System includes : Handscan attendance terminal, Timevision Plus software, 30 days telephone set up support & assistance.