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Radio Controlled Battery Operated Wall Clock

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Radio Controlled Battery Operated Wall Clock

Radio Controlled Battery Operated Wall Clock

This radiocontrolled clock is supplied in an attractive white finish with a numericaldial.The radio controlled function means that the time on this clock isautomatically set by a time code transmitted by a radio transmitter, the clockwill always display the time accurately and will automatically update in Springwhen the clocks go forward by one hour and in Autumn when the clocks go back byone hour.

This Radio controlled clock can only be used in the UK and Ireland.
Radio controlled clocks will only operate in buildings where the UK time code signal can penetrate. Metal clad buildings or those with re-enforced concreteare unlikely to be suitable for this product.

*  Automatic radio controlled function sets time precisely
*  Automatic BST / GMT time reset
*  Large clear hands and numerals
*  Suitable for most office and home environments
*  Near silent operation
*  Energy efficient movement for long battery life
*  Slim design 300 x 300 x 45 mm
*  Battery: 1 x AA (Not Supplied)
*  Colour: White