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Seiko QR395 Calculating Clocking In Machine

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Seiko QR395 Calculating Clocking In Machine

UK Time Solutions are your go-to provider of high-quality clocking-in machines, and the Seiko QR395 is one of the best, and it even calculates the hour's work directly on the time card.

Seiko QR 395 Calculating Time Recorder


The Seiko QR 395 calculating clocking in machine is a reliable calculating time recorder that can be implemented in businesses with up to 100 employees, to provide a reliable measure of attendance time but also make it easier for employers to carefully monitor the hours worked by employees.

When it comes to employees' working hours, you need to make sure that you keep a valid record of who is late, who’s early, and who’s on time, as well as keeping a record of who’s absent. Our Seiko QR 395 calculating clocking in machine is one way that you can simplify the payroll and make sure that your staff members are paid fairly and accurately.

There are several ways in which you can benefit from the Seiko QR 395 calculating clocking in machine, one of which being the simplicity of the machine and the reliability. Our self-calculating system is not only designed to enable you to manage time effectively, the Seiko QR 395 clocking-in machine will save you both time and money.

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Seiko QR395 Additional Information:

  • Auto-feed and auto-eject of time cards.
  • Perpetual calendar to the year 2098 for automatic advancement to the current day, month, and year.
  • Selectable 3 pay periods: monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly.
  • Print 12-hour (AM/PM) on 24-hour time.
  • Print regular minutes (1/60) or 1/100 of an hour.
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment.
  • Built-in lithium backup battery for 5-year data protection.
  • Calculate the elapsed time between IN/OUT punches and print a running total of accumulated time.
  • Print IN/OUT as many times per day as required.
  • No over-printing 2 types of different day schedules can be set in a week - Common schedule / Extra schedule.
  • Special mark printing "!" for irregular recognition.
  • Memory capacity - Maximum of 100 cards.
  • Automatic differentiation of the front and back of an encoded card.
  • Cassette-type black ink ribbon (supplied).
  • Large back-lit LCD - 24 hour / 12 hour display format.
  • Unique barcoded clocking cards cqr375
  • The price includes 200-time cards and a 25 employee card rack free of charge

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