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Hand Scan
Time & Attendance System

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TimeVision <br /> Hand Scan<br />Time & Attendance System

Timevision Biometric Handscan Time & Attendance System


e ideal Time & Attenance solution for construction sites and harsh environments.

The TimeVision handscan time and attendance systems  are one of the most effective biometric time management solutions we supply, It's designed to work in harsh working environments and is ideal for construction sites etc.

The TimeVision handscan time and attendance systems are suitable for any small to medium businesses with up to 50 employees. Our solutions are ideal for those looking to find a value for money time management system that is both robust and reliable, ensuring that you are in complete control of your employee's time and attendance information.

Our time attendance system with network-ready biometric hand scanner is simple to install and will accurately monitor time and the staff attendance information within your business. The TimeVision attendance hand scanner simply scans the hand to accurately record staff attendance and eliminates the possibility of one employee clocking for another.

With the TimeVision handscan time and attendance system, it will help your business to maximise productivity, ensuring that all of your employees are onsite when they should be. The TimeVision attendance systems we supply at UK Time Solutions will help you to make the business more productive and protected you from time theft or fraudulent overtime claims.

The unique TimeVision time attendance systems with biometric handscanner is a practical and cost-effective way to calculate employee’s basic and overtime hours to ensure that the payroll preparation is accurate and reliable.

If you would like further information on any of our system please give us a call,  Tel: 0191 4144141


  •  Up to 10 shifts and 3 rates of pay can be assigned
  • Full calculation of both daily and weekly overtime rates
  • A complete boxed solution including attendance terminal & software
  • Designed for simple DIY installation and setup
  • Handles both paid and unpaid breaks
  • Highlight anomalies including lateness and absences
  • Standard reports for holidays and sickness
  • Fire roll call report
  • Generates full timesheets for each member of staff
  • Optional export facility to payroll packages including Sage.

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