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Here at UK Time Solutions, we supply an extensive range of ID card and badge holders, Time card racks, A4 document control racks and Staff In / Out indicator display panels.
ID badge holders and time card racks are surprisingly efficient for both your business and your employees, making it more  convenient by displaying the cards in a precise controlled manner. A clocking in board can help your employees to organise themselves better, and at the same time allow you to check their presence more easily with this centralised solution. Having time card racks will mean that employees have easy accessibility to clock in and out of their shifts and needn’t worry about misplacing their ID card or leaving it at home because it will be in the control rack!
Most business can benefit from the use of ID card or time card racks, it’s a simple method to make sure your business has a visual display of whos in the building ensuring the safety and security of employees. The ID badge holder will store ID badges and cards safely, identifying which members of staff are present and which aren’t, ideal for staff roll call procedures.
The time card holder and racks that we provide are available in an array of sizes, suiting the style of the clocking in cards you have.
At UK Time Solutions, we don’t only provide clocking in card racks that are practical, they’re also manufactured to offer the highest level of quality possible, ensuring they will provide you many years of service.
Check out our range of time card racks & ID badge holders here!
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RBH12P ID Card / Swipe Card Holder
(-30.01%)  19.61
RBH12P 12 Slot Badge Rack
RBH12P card rack accepts up to 12 credit card-sized cards or ID badges, suitable for cards 85mm (W) x 55mm (H).
RBH24P ID Card / Swipe Card Holder
(-19.99%)  27.49
RBH25P 24 Slot Badge Racks
RBH24P badge rack accepts up to 24 credit card-sized cards or ID badges, suitable for cards 85mm (W) x 55mm (H).

RBH Swipe Card / ID Badge Holder (Metal, Landscape)
(-9.99%)  51.44
RBH Metal Badge Rack
The robust RBH metal ID card rack - holds 25 x credit card sized cards, (card size 85mm x 55mm)
Ideal for ID Cards and Badges, Clocking / Swipe Cards & Credit Card Sized Attendance Badges.

RBV Swipe Card / ID Badge Holder (Metal, Portrait)
RBV Metal Badge Rack (Portrait)
The RBV swipe card holder displays 25 credit card-sized cards in portrait mode, 55mm (W) x 85mm (H) credit card-sized cards.
60 Slot Swipe Card / ID Badge Rack RBH60
ID Card / Swipe Card Rack Panels (40 or 60 cards)
ID Card / Swipe Card Racking Panels (40 or 60 Cards)
The card racks hold either 40 or 60 credit card-sized cards or id badges / smart cards.

R7082 Metal Time Card Rack
R7082 Time Card Rack
External Dimensions (mm): 897 (h) x 98 (w) x 51 (d). Metal. 25-pocket.
  • R7082 Card Rack Pocket Dimensions (mm): 88 (w) x 111 (d) - to suit clock cards 140-180 mm long 
R7082P Plastic Time Card Rack
R7082P Time Card Rack
R7082P Plastic Clock Card Rack - Holds up to 25 x Time Cards
Card Pocket Width 89mm / Card Pocket Depth 100mm
Strong Plastic Construction with 2 Keyhole Fixing Slots.
R7082PF Plastic Time Card Rack (Expandable)
(-20.01%)  21.99
R7082PF Time Card Rack
R7082PF Plastic Expandable Clocking Card Holder - Handles up to 25 Time Cards
Card Pocket Width 89mm / Card Pocket Depth 110mm
RCR20M Plastic Expandable Monthly Time Card Rack
RCR20M Monthly Time Card Rack 
RCR20M monthly time card rack - 25 clocking card capacity
Card Pocket Width 89 mm / Card Pocket Depth 170 mm
R6704 Metal Time Card Rack
R6704 Time Card Rack
R6704 Heavy Duty - Metal Clock Card Rack - Holds up to 25 Attendance Time Cards
Card Pocket Width 105mm / Card Pocket Depth 195mm
RPH Metal Time Card Rack
RPH Hunch Hole Time Card Rack
Heavy Duty Metal Clocking Card Holder - Holds up to 25 x Punch Hole Time Cards
Card Pocket Width 110mm / Card Pocket Depth  150mm 
WPVA40225 A4 Job Card Rack / Document Racks (Various Types)
A4 Job Sheet & Document Racks (Various Types)
Hold all your A4 job sheets and documents to hand, improving paperwork efficiency, organization, location, and document control in any application.
A4 Horizontal Job Card Rack (Pack of 3)
A4 Job Sheet Racks
(3 pack)

Plastic stackable cardholder for A4 job sheets and cards.
Supplied in a pack of three pockets
A4 Job Sheet Rack- Portrait (Pack of 3)
A4 Job Sheet Racks
(3 pack) Landscape 

Clear perspex plastic rack for A4 job cards and job sheets.
Supplied in a pack of three stack-able pockets.

WPIT101 IN OUT Indicator Board (10 Name)
10 Name In/Out Indicator Panel
In / Out Indication Panels.
A must for any busy office, the boards display staff attendance at a glance with this quality In / Out display board, they can be easily carried to a muster point or safe area for roll call purposes in the event of an emergency.
WPIT201 IN OUT Indicator Board (20 Name)
20 Name In/Out Indicator Panel
20 Name - On-site indicator panel
Keep track of staff movements for security and safety purposes with these In/Out boards that can be removed from the wall and carried to assembly points in the event of a fire roll call.
WPIT401 IN OUT Indicator Board (40 Name)
40 Name In/Out Indicator Panel
Who's on-site indicator panel - 40 Name
Know exactly who's on-site with these attractive In/Out indicator boards, they will provide staff roll call indication in the event of a site emergency.