Time Vision

Timevision Time & Attendance System, designed to make life easier for the smaller business..

At UK Time Solutions, we have a wide range of PC linked clocking-in systems which are perfect for smaller businesses. The TimeVision clocking-in system has been designed to offer a reliable time management system, at an affordable price can you afford to miss out?

Our TimeVision systems are ideal for businesses that have up to 50 employees, the database can store your employee’s details and monitor their attendance and punctuality. So when it comes to reliability and ease of use, you can rest assured, you’re investing the best quality solution available.

Whether you’re looking for a finger scanner or face recognition time and attendance system, we are confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, here at UK Time Solutions. The TimeVision clocking-in system is an effective way to keep track of the hours that your employees have worked and ensure that it’s reflected in the payroll.

No matter which of our TimeVision systems you choose, you can expect a quality proven product designed for UK business like yours. 

Timevision, the simple clocking in solution.

Check out our range of TimeVision systems below!

TimeVision<br />Face Recognition<br />Biometric Attendance System
£ 450.00
Timevision Face Recognition System
Time Vision. The cost effective time and attendance management solution, with easily installed clocking terminals and an instantly usable software interface.

System includes : Facescan clocking terminal, Time Vision software, 30 days helpdesk assistance.

TimeVision <br /> Smartcard Proximity Terminal<br />Time & Attendance System
£ 337.00
Timevision Smart Card/Keyfob System
TimeVision  RFID Swipe Card Clocking In System, The best PC linked solution for staff time management at the best possible price, with simple to install smartcard proximity clocking terminal and user-friendly time & attendance software, TimeVision is the ideal time and attendance system for small to medium-sized businesses.

System includes: RFID smartcard clocking terminal, TimeVision software, attendance cards or keyfobs, 30 days helpdesk support

TimeVision <br />Fingerprint Recognition<br />Time & Attendance System
£ 445.00
Timevision Fingerscan System
TimeVision Fingerprint. The cost effective time management solution, with easily installed fingerprint bio-metric clocking terminal and an instantly usable time and attendance software.

System includes : Fingerscan clocking terminal, TimeVision software, 30 days helpdesk assistance.