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ZK Teco PL10LOCK Biometric Fingerprint & Bluetooth Door Lock

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ZK Teco PL10LOCK Biometric Fingerprint & Bluetooth Door Lock

ZK Teco PL-10 Fingerprint & Bluetooth Door Lock

The new ZKTeco PL-10 electronic smart lock Fingerprint with Bluetooth keyless entry with your smartphone or fingerprint is ideal for offices and storerooms, designed for internal use only.

  • The ZKTeco Electronic Smart Lock Biometric Door with Bluetooth.

  • Bluetooth one touch to open Function
    With One-touch open enabled, the lock automatically connects and unlocks when a user presses the lock icon on the smartphone. One-touch open combines the steps of connecting the lock from the available locks list and pressing the open door lock icon into one.

    Setting Time Zone
    12 time zones can be set in total

    Upload users from the lock and record the transaction
    Download all the Users from the lock to the mobile App.
    Total of 500 records within 30 days can be viewed.

    User Management
    Edit User: change ID, name, priority, and time zone.
    Delete users separately.

    Another function of ZKBioBT
    Change super password
    Change Bluetooth pairing password
    Setting Lock Name 

    Operation Steps of the ZKBioBT App
    Step one: input Bluetooth pairing password, which defaults as 000000
    Step two: input super password which is default as 8 to become temporary administer(App Setting>Administrator mode>8)
    Step three: change your rights of yourself(Open>User>Authority) 

    *Material: Rugged ABS
    *User Capacity: Admin -10, Normal User - 60, Temporary User - 20
    *Communication Mode: Bluetooth 4.0
    *Operating Temperature :32 F ~ 122 F(0C ~ 50C) 
    *Backup Unlocking Methody: Mechanical Key & 9V Battery
    *Power Supply :4AA Alkaline Battery
    *Door Thickness:30-38 mm (optional),39-46 mm (standard),47-54 mm (standard),55-60 mm (optional)

    Package List
    1 x  PL10 Lock,1 x Mounting Plate,
    1 x Strike Plate, 2 x Mechanical Keys, 1 x  Installation Guide.

  • Features
    • The smart door lock is a special design for internal doors with 3 ways to unlock-fingerprint / BlueTooth / backup key.

    • The door handle, latch, and strike plate are reversible design for all door opening directions, an Install guide video is available: search Smart Lock ML10-ID or PL10 to view the guide on Youtube.

    • Keep track of visitors, and see a detailed log of who has entered and exited your home, and when from your smartphone.

    • Set timezone unlock function: provide house cleaners, dog walkers, and others with access for a few hours, a week, or just specific times of the day.

    • Fit door thickness between 1.18" (30mm) and 2.12"(45mm), and optional for door thickness between 2.16"(50mm) and 2.36"(60)mm.

    • Please Note, The locks are not waterproof and have been designed for internal use only. 

                    Fingerprint Door Locks available in stock